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Plastic transport pallets

Plastic transport pallets
Plastic transport pallets are manufactured by pressing a mixture of thoroughly recycled plastics with a prevailing content of polyolefins (TRAPLAST) into steel moulds at a high pressure and temperature. This ensures their high quality, high utility value and overall strength. The pallets don’t absorb moisture and are resistant to weather effects, dampness, fungi, parasites and common chemicals. Their surface is easy to clean and doesn’t require any maintenance. Since the design of the pallets enables to stack them one within another, you will save 40% of your storage area. They are produced as a standard in two modifications – either smooth or with the stabilizing edge which prevents loaded goods from sliding off the pallet. The pallet is a solid, compact formed piece and therefore it does not crumble or split even in case of frequent use. After the expiration of its service life it is fully recyclable. The TRAPLAST material, which the pallets are made of, meets demanding sanitary regulations and therefore the pallets are ideal not only for “clean” operations, but also for export.
Plastic transport pallets

Do you know that...

... our pallet speeds up the movement of goods and saves space? The standard wooden pallet, unlike our plastic one, must be subject to quarantine in certain export and import modes, to the prevent transfer of unwanted insects or bacteria. In addition, our pallets can be stacked one within another!
Plastic transport pallet 800 x 600 mm 7,0 kg mix
Plastic transport pallet 1 200 x 800 mm – T09 23,0 kg mix
Plastic transport pallet 1 200 x 800 mm – T09, with margin 23,0 kg mix
Plastic transport pallet 1 200 x 1 000 mm – T63 24,0 kg mix
Plastic transport pallet 1 200 x 1 000 mm – T63, with margin 24,0 kg mix
Plastic transport pallets
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