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For your house and garden

Plastic boards

Plastic boards
Plain plastic boards are used especially in agriculture and the construction industry for example as dividing walls in stables and cowsheds, surrounding fences in pigsties and as wall panelling in stables. Further they can be used for skateboard obstacles or to protect of existing floor coverings during building reconstruction and in many other similar cases. In combination with plastic profiles, they can be used as construction material for composting boxes, rabbit hutches, etc. Patterned fence boards are used especially in the construction industry as material for noise prevention walls or different types of full fencing. Along the longer side, these boards have a rabbet which makes the created surfaces are precisely opaque. Their udisputed advantage lies also in the fact that they can be assembled very fast without the need of any means of mechanization .
Plastic boards

Do you know that...

... you will make it with our boards? Have you decided to build something and need a durable and maintenance-free material, which is easy to work? Forget wood or concrete! Our plastic boards are the optimum solution for you!
Plain board 1.500 x 800 x 17 mm – grey 20.0 kg grey
Plain board 2.000 x 800 x 20 mm – grey 31.3 kg grey
Fence board with pattern 1.500 x 800 x 30 mm 28.0 kg brown
Fence board with pattern 2.000 x 800 x 30 mm 40.7 kg brown
Plastic boards
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