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Plastic Flowerbed Walkway and Kerb

Plastic Flowerbed Walkway and Kerb
Pavements are used especially to make paths between flower beds, vegetable patches, in gardens or greenhouses. The paths require no maintenance and are always clear and weed free as the walking surface is made of plastic boards. The fact that the elevated edge of the pavement creates also patch kerbs on both sides is also very beneficial. The pavement has setting ribs along its whole length and the fronts are fitted with locks, which t is why the pavements keep direction well and the lining of the patches is perfect. The pavements can be loaded with any type of gardening machinery with no fear of damaging them. The laying itself is simple and physically not demanding. When changing the layout of the patches there is no problem removing the individual elements and reusing them at different location. As the product is easily workable it is very easy to cerate the crossings of the pavements. The plastic kerb fully replaces typical concrete kerbs but it is lighter and it is possible to change its shape. Kerbs also have front locks.
Plastic Flowerbed Walkway and Kerb

Do you know that...

... you have finished weeding and will forget wellingtons? Weeds simply don’t grow in walkways made of our flowerbed pavement and you will not get dirty even after rain. Do you want to organize the patches in another way? Simply move the walkway as needed!
patch pavement 360x115, 1,2 m 10,7 kg grey, optionally brown 
garden kerb 180x30, 1,2 m, 5,1 kg
garden kerb 240x30, 1,2 m 6,8 kg
lining garden kerb 150x115, 1,2 m 5,2 kg
Plastic Flowerbed Walkway and Kerb
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