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Plastic Cable Ducts

Plastic Cable Ducts
Plastic cable trenches consist of the trench itself and the cover. They are made of TRAPLAST, i.e. of carefully recycled mixed plastics containing mostly of polyolefins. Thanks to the properties of this material, they are resistant against weather, common acids and alkalis, gasoline, mineral oils and others substances. They have extremely high mechanical strength. The trenches are used at normal conditions for laying power cables (both LV and HV) and communication cables as protection against mechanical damage in all cases defined in ČSN 341050. Individual trenches are equipped with locks. During the laying, the locks must be properly plugged into each other and the covers installed in such a way that they overlay the lock joints of the trenches lengthwise. Using plastic trenches brings numerous advantages, such as: significantly lower weight compared to concrete products, considerably higher mechanical strength compared to thin-walled plastic trenches, easy handling, increased work productivity and safety, savings in transportation costs etc. We can provide corresponding certificates and test results for the trenches.
Plastic Cable Ducts

Do you know that...

... you can use the ducts e.g. for bringing water or electricity lines from the house or cottage to the arbour on the other side of the ground? Easy and convenient.
Cable channel 100 x 100 mm, 1,2 m 6,6 kg mix
Top for cable channel 100 x 100 mm, 1,2 m 3,5 kg grey
Cable channel 130 x 130 mm, 1,2 m 8,4 kg mix
Top for cable channel 130 x 130 mm, 1,2 m 3,9 kg grey
Cable channel 200 x 130 mm, 1,2 m 10,0 kg mix
Top for cable channel 130 x 130 mm, 1,2 m 6,4 kg grey
Plastic Cable Ducts
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