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Decking boards

Decking boards
Even these boards are made of Traplast and are used for different walking surfaces as for example terraces, balconies, outside seating of restaurants, piers, garden paths, areas around swimming pools etc. The boards are extremely resistant to weather conditions, decay and moisture. They have a natural look and a long service life. They are able to fully substitute similar products made of exotic wood. Both sides of the board have water drain grooves of different density and shapes which allows the customer to choose the best design of the walking surfaces.
Decking boards

Do you know that...

... even if you use financially very demanding exotic woods on your terrace, you will have to impregnate them with expensive oils? Even though they will eventually loose its former look and will grey. Traplast will make you satisfied forever!
Knurled (terrace) board 1500 x 140 x 30 mm 6,3 kg gray, brown
Knurled (terrace) board 1.500 x 330 x 30 mm 14,5 kg

Brief assembly instruction
Namely it is necessary to follow principles of word with products made of TRAPLAST™.

Base – base structure
Surface, on which the base structure is placed must be flat, solid and stable. The structure should directly lie on a flat surface but should not be fast attached to it. We recommend using our prisms to make the base structure. For example those of the cross section of 40 x 40 mm or 80 x 40 mm at joints, so that the gap between the base and the board was sufficient enough. The best results are reached if the base structure is parallel to the wall and the boards are perpendicular to the wall with the gradient of at least 1cm to 1m so that proper drainage of a walking surface is ensured. The span of load-bearing profiles of the supporting structure cannot be bigger than 50 cm and it is advisable to use also cross joints to ensure their stability. When lining up the boards, both ends must lie on a supporting frame (profile 80 x 40 mm) so that their deflection is prevented. An expansion gap of at least 15 mm must be left between the wall and the base structure.

Laying the board
The boards are produced in the dimension of 150 x 33 x 3 cm with tolerance of ±2 %. Expansion gaps of at least 12 mm in the longitudinal direction of the board and of at least 3 mm in the cross direction must be kept. To prevent the board from deformation after an assembly, the tightening screws cannot be tighten too much and holes for the screws must have a diameter of at least 3 mm bigger than the screws. To fix the boards, it is best to use self-cutting anticorrosion treated screws of 6 x 60 mm.

Decking boards
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